Paul’s Travels

From a middle-aged castle in central Germany, south to the sands of the Mediterranean; from the cold waves of the Baltic Sea to the mysterious Cathar castles in the Pyrenees and then south to Catalonia in the north of Spain …. Paul is well-travelled as far as sausage dogs go.

Not only has he visited these places, but he’s lived in most of them, too …. thus giving him the opportunity to experience the culture of where he’s been and to brush up on his language skills. Indeed, Paul speaks German, French AND English!

Attending to his needs as we’ve made these journeys together, Paul has inspired me to keep a journal of his travels, along with several photos and even a couple of drawings. Here in “Paul’s Travels,” we endeavor to share his journeys with you. Perhaps you’ll be as entertained by Paul’s tales as I was to be a part of them.

“Installment 1” of Paul’s Travels is coming soon! So, please stay tuned!