About Michelle and Paul

Welcome to The Willful Wiener, a site dedicated to all the “willful” Dachshunds out there and to the people who love them.

MY (and my willful wiener’s) STORY

Image may contain: 1 person Simply put, I love dogs! They’re incredible creatures — full of love, trust and acceptance, and a great source of entertainment. I’m also certain that they slow down the aging process of we humans and open our eyes to life and to living it “in the now.”

Whenever I’m out and about and a dog crosses my path, I’m that person whose attention goes directly to the dog. Big, small, fat, skinny, ferocious looking or cute any fluffy, I’m captivated!. In deep conversation with my husband? Forget it! Here’s a dog! The rain is pouring down? Forget it! Here’s a dog. And probably like you, my life has been greatly enhanced through sharing it with a dog. In fact, I’ve enjoyed having several types of dogs in my life, but when Paul — the most willful of dogs — entered my life, everything I thought I knew about dogs was turned upside-down.

Who is Paul? Well, he was a wiener in need when we first met. Without any warning, a friend introduced him to us one evening. Mighty clever of her! As I figured out, she was using his doggy-wiles as leverage to get my husband and I to take him home with us … which ultimately, we did.

Paul had been a “sofa-sausage” for most of his first 8 years of life. That is, he resided with an elderly woman who had little energy to take him out to or to be active with him. Thus, he often remained on the sofa and received very little discipline. Well sadly, the elderly woman eventually passed away and unfortunately, none of her relatives were willing to take Paul. Instead, they took him to the veterinarian and asked her to put him down. Thank God she brought him to visit us instead!

Oh, what a ride it’s been! He’s certainly been a handful! Because of this, I’ve spent countless hours researching the behaviors of Dachshunds, joining forces with other Dachshund owners (or better yet, “Dachshund servants”), and learning all I can about the ins and outs of Dachshund ownership/servitude.? Surely, there is much more to learn … but I feel as though I’m finally getting somewhere in my understanding of him.


Are you struggling with a willful wiener, too? Well, my goal is to share with you the information I have learned regarding how to care for your Dachshund and some great Dachshund products as well (for both your sausage dog AND you). Or, maybe you have a question. I’ll do my very best to give you the reliable information you need. I may not have all the answers, but I definitely have some … I think. We must not forget that the willful wiener dog has a tendency to lead us to believe we understand him (or her) and then he changes his (or her) game completely.

Finally, all work (learning) and no play (entertainment) is quite dull. So I hope to provide you with a bit of entertainment as well. Let’s face it, Dachshunds (wiener dogs, sausage dogs, Dackels, doxies, dixies, etc.) can be complete clowns and a great source of entertainment! I’ll be sharing stories of Paul and other Dachshunds, photos, and maybe even a video or two.


That being said, check out my page and see if there is information that could be useful to you. If you need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave your comments/suggestions/questions below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Owner “The Willful Wiener”